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Panhandle Pathway

Winamac, Star City, Royal Center, Kenneth

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September 2015 - 

Panhandle Trail extends now in Winamac with a 0.6 paved path up to W 11th Street. There is a small gap between W Main Street and W Narrow Street which requires a short detour. See picture below.

 A- the end of the paved trail from Burson Street
B- the beginning of the paved trail to IN14 (11thst)
C- the future portion to be completed sometime. The north end is blocked by a concrete wall and trees.
D- the detour to get to the paved trail to IN14



 Dedication of the Peninsula Prairie Grass Remnant - OCTOBER 22, 2013

Friends of the Panhandle Pathway officially took charge of the preservation and maintenance of a remnant of the original Midwest prairie, in Star City, Pulaski County.


Tom Post (DNR Regional Ecologist) explains to John Bawcum, Kathy Kegarise and Mario Vian, the importance of preserving prairie lands by trail groups as a beginning of a wider effort on protecting natural resources


 Panhandle Pathway.  UPDATE: May 2013

Paving of the extension that connects the trailhead at CR150s with Burson/Superior Street in Winamac has been completed!


Heading North From 150S TrailheadPavement ends about half way to BursonEnd of asphaltZpass 1Zpass 2end of Zpassexit to Burson St.North extension from Burson St. 



Description of the Panhandle Pathway.  1/1/2012 (rev 5 2013)

• 22 miles long, 10 feet wide paved surface


• Asphalt the entire length, with 2 feet shoulders of crushed limestone and rock

• Safety signage and warning barricades and location signs at all cross roads


• Runs between Winamac (Burson/Superior St)) and Kenneth (just south of US24, about 6 miles west of Logansport, about 1 mile west of France Park)


• Follows west of US35 to Royal Center then straight South to the end


• There are trail heads at; Winamac CR 250S; Star City Key Street Key Street; Royal Center Kramer street; about 1/2 mile north of the end at CR 50N (about 1/4 mile east of CR600W).


• Passes through the counties of Pulaski and Cass

• 1/2 mile markers painted on the asphalt



• There is an access lane to the Tippecanoe River at the DNR access point about 200 feet north of the northwest corner of the Tippecanoe River and the bridge


• Crosses several water ways... Tippecanoe River, Mill Creek, Indian Creek, Crooked Creek... and a few smaller ones

• The North portions goes through agriculture areas.  The Southern portions go through the  Wabash valley area

• Follows the old Pennsylvania 'Panhandle' Railroad.   (the Panhandle name comes from the old RR where it ran across the narrow northerly 'Panhandle' section of West Virginia to get to Pittsburg PA)

• It is a Rails to Trails Railbanked recreational trail

• Passes through the towns/communities of Winamac, Star City, Thornhope, Royal Center

• Amenities (food etc.) in Winamac, Star City (no gasoline), Royal Center

• Picnic table(s) at Royal center trail head and the end south of US24

• Rest bench's are distributed along the trail

• Trail passes under US24

• The trail dead ends at the southern end, with rest bench, table, and bike rack. A picturesque area near a small lake.

• There are no restroom facilities nor drinking water sources ON the trail.

• There are guidance, rules and overall map at the trail heads


• Information is available on our website and at our Facebook page!/PanhandlePathway


• Trail Head location document is accessed from a 'hot link' on the Map and also located on the above map.

• The Friends of the Panhandle Pathway welcome you to come and visit and enjoy our trail.


• We appreciate receiving your comments/suggestions about the Panhandle Pathway.  They are easily sent  via the contact link on or on our Facebook Page!/PanhandlePathway




-----   Future plans 

• Since we have completed the 1st major construction we are shifting our focus from construction to Operations and Maintenance.

• We plan on adding more information signs identifying the nature (e.g. the rare Indiana Prariry grass) and historical aspects of the trail.

 • We working with the Rail Road and others  to connect to France Park to the East of the southern end.

 • The town of Winamac has an DNR RTP and a Safe Routes to School grant to connect through the town of Winamac on the old RR bed.

• We plan to extend from Winamac to the Tippecanoe River State Park in the future.     


 Need more information?


• If you would like to contact us, help us, volunteer, contributions, or other support, or have a question please contact us via our web site, or Facebook!/PanhandlePathway or by phone: 574 946 4100 or 574 946 4267




Type of Trail: 
Rail Trail
Part NOT open: 
Total Length of all segments: 
21 miles
Uses allowed: 
usual: walking, bicycling, wheelchairs
Wheelchairs allowed: 
Which uses NOT allowed: 
Motorized Vehicles, Hunting, Horses
Attractive Features: 
variety of flora and plants along corridor
North Endpoint – General: 
North Endpoint (#1) - Specific : 
SE corner of CR 50E and CR 150S
South Endpoint – General: 
Kenneth = SR #24
South Endpoint (#2) – Specific: 
About 1/4 mile south of US24 (1 mile west of France Park)
Direction to #2 from #1: 
Notable Trailhead: 
Star City
Near to US highways: 
parallels State Route #35
Major Trailhead: 
Winamac, Star City, Royal Center, just east of the intersection of 600E & 50N on 50N
Agency, Group Owned: 
Friends of the Panhandle Pathway, Inc.
John Bawcum
Mailing Address: 
P.O. Box 153 Winamac, IN 46996
(574) 946-4100 or (574) 946-4267