Trails in Indiana

Southeastway Park Trail

Franklin Township

     A 2.7-mile trail in Southeastway Park, in the southeast corner of Indianapolis, Franklin County, is newly opened (August 2010) and ready for hikers, bikers, inline skaters, and wheelchair users. This trail rehabilitation has been made possible by a grant from the Indiana Department of Natural Resources. The park comprises 188-acres of varied terrain: 95 acres are natural areas consisting of mesic and floodplain woods, successional fields, prairie plantings, and an excavated wetland and pond. The rest of the 95 acres in Southeastway Park consist of turf areas, parking lots, roads, and buildings of the park. In summary, a variety of natural habitats make up Southeastway Park. This land is managed by Indianapolis Parks and Recreation.
Before European settlers, nearly all of Marion County was covered with closed canopy. After settlement, most of these forest and plant communities were cleared/converted for agriculture or other use. Land of the Southeastway Park is made up of a riparian buffer that helps protect Buck Creek.
The new Southeastway Park Trails have created more opportunities for kids and adults to be active. There are, however, many other park trails within Southeastway Park, for foot use only. The new trail is 8’ wide, well-maintained asphalt trail that is windy and a little hilly only in places. On this new trail, one is mostly found in the midst of woods, consisting of old and newly-planted trees. At times, the trail is evergreen-lined. The whole path is ADA accessible, with ADA-compliant rest areas as well. Trail/park maps can be obtained at the Activity Center/Office; however the full new trails are not indicated yet. The new trail, which covers the old bike trail (indicated on map), is circular and 1.7 miles. A second path is another loop of 1.2 miles to the west of the bike trail.
The Activity Center/Office offers other pertinent information and is staffed for your questions. The Office also houses restrooms, water fountains, a large fireplace, a conference room and complete kitchen. The facility may be rented out for events.
In a variety of places, Southeastway Park also offers a playground, restrooms, and plenty of picnicking opportunities. (Open-air, sheltered, charcoal grills, etc.) Picnic sites may also be rented. Seasonal events for the whole family are also offered at this park. This includes hay rides, and numerous environmental/educational programs that take place throughout the year.
Come enjoy the Southeastway Park Trails in a very scenic, quiet, serene environment which offers a full range of recreational opportunities.


Park Information
The park is open daily from dawn to dusk. The park office is open Monday-Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sat-urday-Sunday from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m.
Shelters and Picnic Sites:
Shelters: Southeastway Park has 6 large picnic shelters available for rental. These shelters are perfect for company picnics, family reunions and church outings. Shelters can accom-modate groups up to 100 people.
Picnic Sites: Southeastway Park has 3 picnic sites available for rental. Picnic sites are ideal for family and small group picnics. These sites are not cov-ered. Sites can accommodate groups up to 50 people.
Additional Areas:
There are also many individual picnic tables and groupings of picnic tables located throughout the park. These are available on a first come first serve basis.
Activity Center/Office:
When visiting the park, stop by the Activity Center/Office. This is where you can pick up park information, find out about park events and talk with members of the park staff. The Activ-ity Center is also available for rent.
Seasonal Events
Educational Programs:
Southeastway Park offers a wide vari-ety of environmental education pro-grams for school, scout and public groups. Contact the park office for more information.
Maple Syrup Season:
Mid-February through mid-March groups can witness maple syrup mak-ing in process and taste the results!
Summer Camps:
Southeastway Park offers a variety of environmental education camps for ages 3 to 15. These camps focus on hands-on experiences with the out-doors.
Bug Fest:
Offered the last Sunday in August, Bug Fest is a free, fun, family event. Learn about the wonderful world of insects and earn a degree in “bugology”.
In the fall, Southeastway Park offers hayride programs. The program con-sists of a 3 hour use of a shelter, a bon-fire and a tractor-pulled hayride. It’s one of the best ways to enjoy the beau-tiful Indiana fall.
For more information about the park or its programs, call the park office at (317) 861-5167 or check out the web-site at


Type of Trail: 
Total Length of all segments: 
2.7 miles
Uses allowed: 
biking, walking, jogging, rollerblading or pushing a stroller
Wheelchairs allowed: 
Agency, Group Owned: 
Indy Parks and Recreation