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Pleasant Run Trail - Indy



The Pleasant Run Trail in Indianapolis is named as it meanders mostly near the roadway and stream of the same name. The trail connects major Indianapolis parks, interurban, and neighborhood areas. The southwest terminus of this path commences in the northwest corner of large Garfield Park (near the intersection of Raymond St. and Pleasant Run Pkwy.) and ends in the well-known Ellenberger Park (Michigan St. and Pleasant Run Pkwy) It connects well-used Christian Park and the recreational facility of Kin Hubbard Memorial.

Pleasant Run Trail consists of mostly well-maintained asphalt; however it is hilly and windy in places and also narrows and has potential to be wet, especially under a railroad just north of Brookville Road. Please be advised that The Pleasant Run Trail also connects through city sidewalks and ends in crushed limestone in Ellenberger Park. The sidewalks cross some busy streets and have irregular surfaces at times. The trail, however, is mostly easy to follow, however around English Ave. and Southeastern Ave and again around Keystone Ave it is important to pay attention to signs indicating the path.
The Pleasant Run Trail winds through sunny as well as shady parts. Throughout the trail, eateries and restaurants, gas stations, and some other shops and services are within walking distance. The trail passes over railroad crossings and runs by old industrial parks as well as neighborhood areas. There are also some beautiful empty spaces of just grass, bushes, and trees. In addition, a variety of wildflowers such as Lazy Susan’s can be spotted at various points of the path. Park benches for taking a break along this diverse trail are offered at several locations.
The beginning terminus of the Pleasant Run path, in Garfield Park, offers other hiking trails, playgrounds, a swimming pool, gardens, a conservatory, an outdoor amphitheater, a family center and art center. Other offerings include impressive bridges and special events for the whole family including concerts. The park provides picnic tables and picnic areas and shelters, grills, trash receptacles, bike racks, restrooms, and plenty of parking. Pleasant Run Trail running through this impressive city park is mostly well-shaded with park benches along the trail. There are fence-lined boardwalks over Pleasant Run Creek.
As Pleasant Run Trail exits Garfield Park heading northeast, there is another parking lot is available before the path passes by Orange Park, which offers a playground, park benches, and picnic areas. The trail also passes by Kin Hubbard Memorial, a recreational facility, named after an Irvington author. In addition, the Pleasant Run Trail crosses Christian Park, one of the city’s older and best utilized parks. There are amenities there such as: a playground, recreational center, baseball diamonds, basketball and tennis courts, cooking grills, and plenty of parking. In addition, a wide variety of trees can be spotted in this park.
Ellenberger Park is where the northeast terminus of the Pleasant Run Trail can be found. This large city park includes such offerings as other hiking trails, a swimming pool ($3 for adults, $2 for kids), and special events for the entire family, like concerts. The park also provides playgrounds, volleyball and tennis courts, playgrounds, picnic areas/shelters with cooking grills, trash receptacles, restrooms, and plenty of parking. Wildlife and wildflowers can be seen in this park.
If all of this information about the Pleasant Run Park weren’t enough to entice you, proposed plans are to extend this trail to run further north toward I-70 and south toward downtown Indianapolis and to connect with the White River Wapahani Trail.

Type of Trail: 
asphalt, crushed limestone
Uses allowed: 
all uses
Wheelchairs allowed: 
would be difficult
Attractive Features: 
Connects classic parks & neighborhoods.
North Endpoint (#1) - Specific : 
E. St. Clair Street - Ellenberger Park
South Endpoint (#2) – Specific: 
Garfield Park Conservatory
Direction to #2 from #1: 
Notable Trailhead: 
trailheads throughout at Parks with water, restrooms, parking.
Agency, Group Owned: 
City of Indianapolis, Indy Greenways
Annie Brown
5301 E. St. Clair Street – Indianapolis, IN 46219
Mailing Address: 
same as the manager address