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Natalie Wheeler Trail - Westfield


Looking for a short, quiet, easy trail in a town with a smaller - town ambiance than nearby Carmel or Indianapolis?
The Natalie Wheeler Trail, in Westfield is just that. Named after a young girl, happy-go-lucky and free spirited who died suddenly at age ten for unclear reasons.
Her parents, already very active family in the community, Sheila and Andy Wheeler, asked that a portion of the trails system be dedicated to their delightful daughter. Natalie was active in the Christ Methodist Church as well as the 4H. Westfield is full of scenery and history; for more information about this town and it's many amenities, please see our “Monon – Westfield” trail.
The Natalie Wheeler trail begins in the parking lot of Westfield’s Cool Creek Park, on the east side of Westfield between its junction with US 31 and just south of 156th St. The trail parallels Westfield Blvd., or Union St. northward, which is just to it's east.
The Natalie Wheeler is asphalted, coated, generally flat, and thus suitable for many uses. The trail is mostly woodsy to the west, lined by trees. The trail crosses 161st St, which is direct connection westward to the Monon. The trail narrows at Woodside Drive. At 169th St, the trail crosses to the east side of Westfield, and by extension with the sidewalk continues northward into the southside of Westfield.
Downtown Westfield is just a few miles directly north of the Woodside Drive endpoint, and could be accessed by a sidewalk, rough at times, which continues north to town. Downtown Westfield is quaint with restaurants and other businesses.
Again, for further information about Westfield, please see our Monon – Westfield trail. Future plans for the trail are to have it extend all the way north to connect to downtown Westfield. The best parking is at Cool Creek Park, as public parking is sparse to none as one walks northward.  


Type of Trail: 
Uses allowed: 
running, walking, rollerblading, biking.
Attractive Features: 
Downtown, Cool Creek Park.
Agency, Group Owned: 
Town of Westfield
Director of Parks and Recreation - Melody Jones / Administrative Assistant - Stephanie Fix
2728 E. 171st. St. Westfield, IN. 46074
317-804-3185 - 317-804-3184