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Ly-co-ki-we Trail System


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The Ly-co-ki-we Trail system is one of many, located within the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore in Porter County, Chesterton, IN. The Ly-co-ki-we trail is a 6.4 mile series of loops plus a 1.2 mile linear extension to the west, and to the east, a 1.8 mile trail known as Dunewood Trace which leads to the Dunewood Campground. The main trailhead can be found at US Hwy. 20 and Brummitt Rd where accessible restrooms, a picnic shelter and plenty of parking for cars and trailers are available. The main trail is open to hikers, horse back riders and cross country skiing (snow permitting). It is the only trail in the National Lakeshore that allows horse owners to ride their own horses. Horses are not permitted on the Ly-co-ki-we Extension trail or Dunewood Trace.


Bicycling is not recommended as the trail’s surface is sandy. The terrain has a few gentle slopes of dune ridges, but is relatively flat. The loops are linked by many intersections giving trail users the option of taking short or long hikes, either providing a mild to exhilarating workout. The surrounding area offers scenic views through deep forests of Black Oaks, scattered with an array of wildflowers and ferns, wetlands, and reclaimed prairie.

Ly-co-ki-we Extension trail extends from Hadenfelt Rd. where it meets the main trail to 50 East. Nearby, the Dune Park RR and the Tremont Picnic Area can be accessed from US Hwy. 12. Dunewood Trace intersects with the main trail at the Calumet Interpretive Center at Kemil Rd and US Hwy 12. The Calumet Interpretive Center, which sits atop the Calumet Dune Ridge, offers year-round restrooms, 100 car parking lot which also accommodates buses and RV’s, and an information board. Maps and brochures are available as are exhibitions of local artwork.

The Dunewood Campground has 78 sites (no electrical hook-ups) with handicapped accessible restrooms and showers. The campground is open from April 1 to Oct 31. Lake Michigan is located 1.5 miles from the campground where there are several beaches, a gas station, and a convenient store. The Beverly Shore- South Shore RR Station with passenger service to Chicago and South Bend is located at Broadway and Hwy. 12.

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Article by Norma Snyder

Type of Trail: 
Total Length of all segments: 
Uses allowed: 
Hiking, walking, horseback riding, cross country skiing
Wheelchairs allowed: 
Attractive Features: 
Historic site-forest-marsh-wetlands
Trails are not wheelchair accessible
North Endpoint – General: 
Calumet Interpretive Center
South Endpoint – General: 
US Hwy 20 & Brummitt Rd.
West Endpoint – General: 
Hwy 12 & 50 East
East endpoint – General: 
Dunewood Campground
Notable Trailhead: 
US Hwy 20 & Brummitt Rd.
Near to US highways: 
Dorothy Buell Memorial visitor Center
Agency, Group Owned: 
Indiana National Dunes Lakeshore
National Park Service
Brummitt Rd Chesterton IN. 46304