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The historic town of Corydon in Harrison County is located in southern Indiana about a 2 ½ hours south of Indianapolis on I-65. Founded in 1808, Corydon is recognized as our state’s first capital, succeeding Vincennes; the Northwest and Indiana Territorial capital in 1813. It is the county seat for Harrison County. Today, Corydon is considered a tourist destination because of its many historic sites. Some of the sites include the Battle of Corydon Civil War Memorial Park, The legendary Constitution Elm, for which it is believed that under this tree the first Constitution of the State of Indiana was negotiated and drafted. Other sites include the Cedar Hills Cemetery, which dates back to 1808 when the town was founded, and is the resting place for American veterans of all wars starting with the American Revolution as well as many confederate soldiers who died during the Battle of Corydon.Flags over Corydon is also a site not to be missed. 35 Flags which at one time flew over Corydon, researched and documented by the Smithsonian Institute, include French, British, Continental Congress, Confederate and US flags which presents a different numbers of stars on each flag. Aside from its history, Corydon also has many attractions to offer, such as shopping, dining, theater and outdoor activities.
The Indian Creek Trail Committee (ICTC) in collaboration with the Harrison County Parks and Recreation Department and the Harrison County Convention & Visitors Bureau have spent the last several years envisioning, planning and building Indian Creek Trail.
There are three completed sections of Indian Creek Trail, two of which are located near downtown Corydon. The first completed trail, called Logan’s Trail, was named for Logan Hall, a young boy who was killed in an accident 2 blocks from the trailhead site. Logan’s Trail is 960 feet long. It begins at S. Mulberry St. between E. Poplar St & Valley Rd. and goes to Rice Island.
The second section of Indian Creek Trail, known as the Doolittle section, extends north to south. This .6 mile segment begins on Old North Bridge Rd. near the Lucas Oil Rail Line tracks. Along the track in a southwest direction, the trail passes under Highway 337 to the railroad bridge, without crossing the bridge and continues southward along the west side of Indian Creek. The trail ends at Walnut St (SR 62). Another 10 ft. wide, 1501 ft. long, asphalt segment which begins on the south side of the YMCA on Foundation Way NE was later added. From the YMCA, in a southward direction, this segment runs along the gravel parking lots, the trail then leads to the west between two soccer fields then through a cluster of trees that leads to Old North Bridge Road where it connects to the Doolittle section of Indian Creek Trail. The total length of this segment is approximately .8 miles.
On November 18th, 2011, another historic event took place as the Indian Creek Trail Committee (ICTC) along with local officials and residents celebrated the opening of the refurbished, century old, Rothrock Mill Bridge with a ribbon cutting ceremony. This 160 foot long steel truss bridge, which once crossed the Blue River, now stretches across Indiana Creek at Hayswood Nature Reserve south of downtown Corydon. The bridge is an impressive addition to the newest section of Indian Creek Trail. This section of Indian Creek Trail begins at the Hayswood fishing pond parking lot on the west side of Indian Creek and follows the creek upstream to the bridge where it crosses the creek, then continues for about another ½ mile beneath steep limestone bluffs. The total length of this section of trail is approximately 1.2 miles.
A recent article in the Indianapolis Star wrote that Carl Snyder, president of ICTC, said that he hopes the new path ignites interest in completing construction of the entire trail from Hayswood Nature Reserve to the YMCA. The completed segments of the trail are open to walkers, runners, hikers and bicyclists.


Type of Trail: 
Pathway, Park, Various
Sec. 1- 950 Feet, Sec. 2 - .28 miles, Sec. 3 - 1.2 miles
Part NOT open: 
New segments planed (not in progress) for connectivity to exsiting segments
Total Length of all segments: 
approx. 2 miles
Uses allowed: 
Walk, Run, Hike, Bike
Attractive Features: 
Indian Creek, Hayswood Nature Reserve, Historic Sites, Limestone Bluffs
North Endpoint – General: 
South Endpoint – General: 
Hayswood Fishing Pond
West Endpoint – General: 
Hayswood Fishing Pond
East endpoint – General: 
Rice Island
Agency, Group Owned: 
ICTC, Harrison Cty. Parks & Rec Dept., Indian Creek Trail Committee
Carl Snyder
CVB -310 Elm St. - HC Parks & Rec 124 S. Mulberry St Rm 102 Corydon, IN. 47112
CVB- Jim Epperson 812-738-6117 - Hayswood 812-738-8236