Trails in Indiana

Greencastle-Fillmore Trail

Greencastle, Fillmore



The Greencastle-Fillmore section of the trail known as the People's Pathway, called after the so named two small towns it connects, stretches across the eastern portion of Putnam County in Western Indiana.
The trail starts on the northeast side of Greencastle and follows the Veteran’s Memorial Parkway for the first 0.6 miles, with very little traffic. The trail then gives way to a separate gravel trail, perfect for walking, jogging, biking or mountain biking. A trail traveler may see diverse and abundant flora and fauna on this trail, including quail, old deciduous trees, evergreens and pasturelands, farms and cows.
For the first mile this gravel portion of the trail lies directly above the old railroad grade. After crossing County Road 300 E, it moves to the south side of the old RR right of way and runs below the top of the large fill which indicates the old railroad bed.
Following the contours down, the hiker/biker will go into the lower watershed which runs close to the trees. Check out the abundance of flora and fauna here. After traveling over the culvert crossing the creek the route starts an upward slope back up to the railroad grade and approaches the Fillmore end of the trail.
The end of the Fillmore part of the trail comes near Westwood Rd and County Road 475 E. This point is about three-fourths of a mile west of CR 550 E along which sets the business portion of Fillmore.
As a recent development, the portion of the old Pennsylvania/Vandalia Railroad from Fillmore to Coatsville has been set aside as an easement for a trail by Mr. Art Evans, owner of Dixie Chopper, who has generously donated this property to the Indiana Trails Fund. Mr. Greg Midgley and others are in the process of preparing this easement for use as a trail to Coatsville. In past years, Mr. Midgley prepared the Coatsville to Amo section of the Vandalia Trail.
The connection of all these segments will provide about 12 miles of continuous walkway, bridlepath and bikepath on a dirt and crushed stone byway.
In Fillmore, fill up on eats: Bert & Betty’s Kitchen; Nivole’s Pizza Restaurant; Great China Buffet or Pizza N Stuff.
Also to be noted is that this portion of the Peoples Pathway and the Vandalia Trail at Coatsville is part of the future National Road Heritage Trail to span the 160 miles from Terre Haute to Richmond. Several parts of the NRHT are entrailed already, and HRTC will have stories about these segments in later editions.
Old railroad ties and embankments along the trail evoke imaginations of the days when the iron horse made this terrain its domain.
Greencastle-Fillmore links to the well-constructed “People Pathways Trail”in Greencastle, along which the hiker or biker can view the many exquisite buildings of the Depauw University campus and take in a covered bridge, parks, shops and museums.
Stand out buildings along the trail also include the beautiful Putnam County Courthouse and Putnam County Library.




Type of Trail: 
4 miles
Uses allowed: 
walking, biking
Attractive Features: 
Rural areas, Depauw University a few miles away, scenic and quiet, tree-lined in areas
North Endpoint (#1) - Specific : 
N. 1st Street - Fillmore IN
South Endpoint (#2) – Specific: 
E. State Rd 240 Greencastle & Vetran's Parkway
Direction to #2 from #1: 
South West
Agency, Group Owned: 
People Pathway