Trails in Indiana

Green Link Trail - Gary



“This trail is the result of the development of the Gary Green Link, a Master Plan for a 30 miles trail, a loop around the city that will connect 3 trails, Lake Michigan Environment, the Great Calumet and Little Calumet River. The opening of today’s (Nov 21, 2011) trail is actually a portion of the Gary Greenway, this is a ¾ of a mile trail part of the Calumet River Trail. We have two additional phases coming up in the next 2-4 years.
The also unique aspect of this trail is it will be part of the Marquette Greenway that it will ultimately go from (the) Illinois-Wisconsin border through and into downtown Chicago, through Northwest Indiana up in the Michigan.   

This, (for which) we are ribbon cutting today,  is Phase 1 segment 1. We will be moving forward to Phase 1 segment 2 in a year (to) two years and a half depending on letting (the bid) go through INDOT. That portion will go Amberchman Park, East to Broadway. At Broadway we have the old Historic Union Station  that we want it as a service center and as a Trail head. From the back of the Union Station  to Grand Boulevard it falls into the responsibility of the National Lakeshore. We are working with them to bring up the line.”

(Crhistopher Meyers)

 For more information watch this video. We interview U.S. Rep. Peter Visclosky and Gary Planning Director Christopher Meyers.


Type of Trail: 
3/4 of a mile
Part NOT open: 
Uses allowed: 
Walking, biking, jogging, rollerblading, skating
Wheelchairs allowed: 
West Endpoint (#2) – Specific: 
Bridge Street
East endpoint – General: 
W. 2nd Ave and Roosevelt St.