Trails in Indiana

Cardinal Greenways

Grant, Delaware, Randolph, Wayne
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Spanning four counties---Grant, Henry, Delaware, and Wayne---The Cardinal Greenways extends from Marion southeasterly to Richmond, Indiana. Included in this greenway system are the White River Greenway and Prairie Creek Equestrian Trails in Muncie. This relatively flat trail is the result of retreating glaciers which created the Central Till Plain Region in Indiana, commonly known as a prairie.

From an idea and vision 19 years ago, it took hundreds of hours of planning, coordination, grant-writing, promotion and finally construction to open this trail. It also took a professional, knowledgeable staff led by Angie Pool, Executive Director working with government agencies, political leaders, service organizations, business owners and of course volunteers. Angie's current challenge is to sustain and maintain the trails just as John Yoder explains in the Pumpkinvine Trail video.
But at the ribbon-cutting in Williamsburg, on June 23, 2012 opening the final section of trail; it all seems worth it.