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146th Street Trail


The 146th Street Trail is mostly a flat, linear trail passing through Carmel, Noblesville, and Fishers, towns just north of Indianapolis. The trail is well – maintained asphalt and perfect for all uses including wheelchairs. This path runs primarily just on the south side of 146th Street commencing in Carmel, until it reaches eastern Fishers where it jogs a little southward. In Carmel, just west of Springmill Road, the east endpoint of the trail, this path passes through many nice neighborhoods and additions where street parking is available. The trail also passes through many fashionable shopping areas such as the very popular Clay Terrace, a large, open shopping mall with a variety of retail establishments and restaurants. There is plenty more parking in these shopping areas as well as restrooms. Carmel is just north of Indianapolis, and has been a rapidly growing and beautiful town in its own right. The trail continues eastward, and intersects with the popular Carmel Monon.
The 146th Trail is lined with trees, bushes, and, in somes places, picket fences. The trail runs by churches, schools and gas stations, where there is additional parking and restrooms. Another offering along the trail in Carmel is a large movie theatre. The neighborhoods and additions through which the trail passes offer many neighborhood sidewalks for continued hiking experiences. Passing through the south side of Noblesville are additional shopping, nice neighborhoods and amenities such as restrooms and sidewalks. Noblesville is the county seat of Hamilton County and has a very beautiful courthouse downtown with shops and restaurants surrounding the square.
Heading further east through Fishers, a quickly growing and popular community just northeast of Indianapolis, one passes by a golf course and other open areas including rural areas. The 146th Street Trail passes near to Conner Prairie interactive history park museum that also offers many special events including the very popular Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra summer series of concerts. The 146th Street Trail breaks up just west of State Route I37 at a gas station with food, restrooms and parking. After the gas station, however, it picks up continuing slightly southeastwardly as it traverses another popular open shopping mall, Hamilton Town Center. The trail then has its ending terminus on 138th St, just east of I69. Parking, restrooms, restaurants, as well as many fashionable shops can be found at the Hamilton Town Center.
The 146th Street Trail is a long trail, approximately 12 miles, passing through a widely diverse and beautiful area, is well – recommended for all uses with its flat and linear nature.


Type of Trail: 
Road trail
Total Length of all segments: 
approx. 12.00
Uses allowed: 
biking, walking, hiking
Wheelchairs allowed: 
West Endpoint (#2) – Specific: 
Spring Mill Road
East endpoint (#1) – Specific: 
138th street
Lat. of Major TrailHead: 
39.986854 39N 59' 12.67"
Long. Of Major TrailHead: 
-85.918236 85W 55' 5.65"
Carmel Clay Parks and Recreation Department
(317) 848-7275